lauantai, huhtikuu 4, 2020

According to the latest statements, the school closure will continue at least until 13 May. Even after this, restrictions on recreational activities are likely to continue due to the coronavirus pandemia. PVS has decided that the coaching for the spring season will not continue. In May we will send everyone a survey about their willingness to participate in summer coaching, if we will be able to arrange it at some point during the summer.

The coaching fees for the spring season have already paid. PVS reimburses part of the coaching fees because we have not unfortunately been able to provide coaching. Making these payments back is slow manual work and therefore we have a suggestion. If the trainee does not want money back now, the money will be held in PVS and then a bigger amount will be reimbursed for the training in autumn. Here is a list of the sums; the first sum is the amount that would be paid back now and the latter (bigger) is the sum that would be reimbursed in autumn.

1 hour per week: 150 € / 200 €
2 hours per week: 285 € / 380 €

1 hour per week: 165 € / 225 €
2 hours per week: 325 € / 435 €

We hope that that you would choose the latter option and leave the the money in. We ask those trainees who want the money back to report it by email by 19.4. Please include the account number, the number of training hours per week, the name of the payee and the name of the trainee (if different). The message is to be sent to:

From monday 6.4. forward the it will no longer be possible to use your own group’s court times for playing as the reservations are released to general sale. However it has been decided that on Tuesdays 3 hours will be left for the clubs juniors to use – from 16-19 (4 to 7 pm) on court 2. On these reservations you can go play and ask for other juniors to play with you. Up to 4 players at the court at the same time.

Regardless of these difficult times PVS wishes everyone a happy and active spring!